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Both a renowned Sanskrit scholar and yogi, Swami Venkatesananda - like his master, Swami Sivananda - can be regarded as a sage of practical wisdom.

Focusing on issues that concern and unite all branches of yoga, it is our intention to provide materials that will enrich and enliven your understanding and practice of yoga.

Daily Readings

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April 22, 2018
Song of God (Bhagavad Gita) - Chapter V: 10-11

The emphasis on ‘abandoning attachment’ is worth meditating upon. Those two words are like a double-edged sword without even a handle – it is difficult to hold! Likewise it is difficult to ...

April 22, 2018
Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 —Truth Manifests From Within

If we are practicing yoga techniques from a book we may also need to consult an expert as to whether our understanding is correct. If we are missing out on some detail which may be vital ...