Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Look At Your Own Sleep

March 15, 2019

Look At Your Own Sleep!

     Nature is full of blessings. The light shines externally, but we turn from it, creating darkness in our own lives. The clouds gather, creating confusion, disorder, pain, sorrow. In our frantic effort to get rid of pain and sorrow, we forget that the desire to get rid of pain and sorrow is itself pain and sorrow and that the effort worsens it. The effort to create order is itself disorder.

     We see this during sleep. Sleep itself was the “action in non-action”. Whatever enjoyed the sleep slept without the notion of sleep, without even the awareness of sleep and without the desire to enjoy the sleep. In sleep, there was no division between the being and the doing, between the intelligence and the action. At other times, the being or intelligence is interfered with by the idea we have of the action. It is the idea that acts. The idea itself is the “I”. The “I” creates a motivation, or goal or a reward. Thus are born the ideas of success and failure, pleasure and pain and all the rest of the pairs of inseparable opposites.

      The mind that sees this truth as truth and not as an idea, is alert. The alert mind itself is order, is virtue. Its powerful gaze does not permit the idea to arise. In this light, actions happen - actions springing directly from the being or intelligence. The alert mind itself is meditation.

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