Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Insights & Inspirations (Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 2) — Omnipresent Love

June 17, 2019

 Omnipresent Love

from Vidyanananda      We often say "God is omnipresent," and "God is love," without realizing what it means! God created the earth: our dwellings are made of earth. God created the wind, it sustains us as air, and as cyclone it brings destruction. God created fire which cooks our food and burns everything. Even so with water. Yet, who would want water to burn, fire to freeze, stones to fly and wind to be still?

      God dwells in all and God is love. We do receive this love from all, without any exception whatsoever. God's love flowing through fire is warm: God's love flowing through snow is cold. The form the love takes may appear to be different, but the difference is created and then received and experienced by the limited mind.

      God dwells in all and God is love. It is good to realize this.  Your friend's friendship, your husband's or your wife's love, your rival's jealousy, your servant's devotion, your enemy's hate, the saint's goodwill and the neighbor's ill-well — all of them without exception, are really and truly the manifestation of love which is God. When we see it, we also see that it cannot be otherwise. Fire cannot freeze and snow cannot cook our food: it cannot be otherwise.

      God is omnipresent and God is love. Whatever we get from each one is exactly was it is: the love of God manifesting through that personality. It cannot be otherwise. When we realize this, we rise above reaction and retaliation. We realize that it is so. This is God-realization.

      Rationalization sees at least two alternatives and picks one: it is uncertain. Realization sees that it is as it is: there is no alternative! There is absolute certainty.



      In meditation, and in prayer one comes face-to-face with that which is beyond the self, when one realizes the Cosmic Being and Cosmic Consciousness which is the common substratum of all in this universe. The awareness of that which is beyond all self banishes frustration and despair and promotes understanding.

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