Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings - Chit-Shakti

September 14, 2018


 Photo by Joan Hyman    What is this inner controller? What is this indwelling divinity in all? It is a kind of Shakti or power, not a blind force, but a conscious power called Chit-Shakti by the yogis. Even if you think about it, you cannot understand nor conceptualize this power; you cannot come face to face with this power, because it is beyond the mind and the intellect. It is something marvelous.

     Ultimately all matter can be reduced to atoms, and these again can be split into something else. Yet, this same substance is able to give rise to all this diversity. We are all endowed with the same physiological structure and, we may eat the same food, yet we grow differently. There is a mysterious intelligence in all that is truly responsible for this diversity. “That” is. That is the inner controller in all atoms. That is what constitutes the individual characteristics. That is what makes me and you, makes the grass green and the rose red.

     It is not possible for the human mind to grasp this, to conceptualize this. The inner controller is supreme intelligence. Perhaps that is the only thing that is intelligence; perhaps all the rest is merely a reflection of that intelligence.

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