Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkeatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Look For The Truth

February 21, 2019

Look For The Truth

    Most of us are think that we have freedom of choice. When we think so, the only truth is that we are in a state of confusion. We do not do what is right or wrong, the only thing we actually do is worry. It is the only action we commit unceasingly - worrying.

     If you watch yourself very carefully as you actually do something, you might discover that really you have no choice. When you thought you had a choice, you had in fact no choice but to worry. To use a rather crude example, of when you want to go to the toilet urgently, you just have no choice. If you think you have a choice, it is not yet urgent.

     Is this not so? The man who thinks he has a choice is insensitive, does not see the problem. When that problem becomes urgent, you will have no choice whatsoever. When the real urgency of the problem is seen, action is spontaneous. When there is no spontaneity in action, we are not sufficiently awake. We are not looking squarely at the problem.  We are still finding excuses, literally looking around. I am trying to see why I am afraid. I am trying to look around instead of looking within where the fear is. Face it, do not bring about excuses. Look for the truth, not what appears to be the truth.

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