Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 — Search Within

May 14, 2022

Search Within

      It is surprising how many of us live in a paradise where we consider that others are fools! We blame others to hide our own blame, often from our own inner vision. We find those faults in others which overflow analysis. We justify our own sins on the extremely simple plea; “But they all are doing so."

      The inner craving, desire, lust for pleasure, profit and power is so intense that it robs us of our time, faculty and power to search within and find the roots of our own foolishness. If we cease to be wicked, the world will cease to be wicked too. Rather: in this wonderful spiritual adventure, there is no question of even "we" — it is all the time "I". We cannot touch and transform the hearts of even our dearest ones. Each of us has to do it for himself or herself, through meditation, self-analysis, soul-searching and self-realization. The moment this is achieved, we find the world once again reflecting our wisdom, our goodness which we find in all. The self-same world blooms into a paradise. We see even in the wickedness of other people, their own inner soul-struggle to find the light, the truth, God.

      May you all be established in that light, in that truth, in God!

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