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Jnana Yoga Day 7 - Morning Talk (disc 13)

June 23, 2022

Swami Venkatesananda giving class in Jnana YogaThis discussion is from the 7th day of the Jnana Yoga Talks given in June of 1975.    

    It is usual in these upanishadic  dialogues between the teacher and student, the Master and the disciple, to lead the student back into himself for the extremely simple and good reason that the Omnipresent is closest to me in me. The Omnipresent is everywhere no doubt, it is on the other side of the Sun, but it is closest to me in me, and therefore, if I am somehow made to dive within myself, to see what is the reality or the truth concerning me, what I’ve been calling me, - there is already a confusion there - the confusion is resolved, there and then, here and now, at the very rock-bottom of my own thinking, my own heart, the Omnipresent is touched.

    That which is here [within] is everywhere; that which is everywhere else is here [within].  So instead of looking around everywhere, why not look here? The simple logic. And therefore whenever there is a direct encounter, almost a confrontation, between seeker and the enlightened, the enlightened one slaps the seekers inquiries back upon himself: ‘“Look within and see who is the one who asks this question? That is self-knowledge!”

Jñāna Yoga #13 Part 1- 30:20 - MP3 -- (27.88 MB) -- (7am-1)
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From The Yasodhara Jnana Yoga Talks
British Columbia, 1975

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