Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 2 (Insights & Inspirations) — When There Is Neither Hate Nor Love

November 25, 2021

 Neither Hate Nor Love 

    What is this thing that refers to itself as 'This I am'? Even as this question arises you are baffled, you are confronted with something which you had for a long time assumed to exist. What is this 'I'? How did it arise in the first place?

     It doesn't matter whether you are a swami or not, a holy or an unholy person, educated or uneducated. Everyone feels 'I am' and therefore everyone is capable of looking within and finding this 'I am'. The yogis might insist that unless your heart and mind are pure you won't be able to find the answer. That might be true. But it might also be that the very act of turning to find what this 'I' is, is capable of steadying the mind and purifying the heart. If you learn merely to look within, then that very action brings about steadiness of the mind and purification of the heart.

     Immediately I begin to look within I feel unsure and therefore reluctant to relate myself to anything or anybody. I am not saying there is no relationship - something happens so that there is neither love nor hate. 
All the evil actions that proceed from us are directly related to one of these emotions.

     When there is neither love nor hate, what is popularly known as evil action is impossible. What flows from there on is natural, the manifestation of life-force.

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