Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 — Only One Source, Love

October 11, 2018

 Only  One Source, Love

      The critical question is whether we can do without security at all? Or, can we evolve a new way of life to find true security, without creating vested interests and institutions that will assume authority and exercise control?

      To answer this, a deeply spiritual heart is necessary. There is no real security in this world! Death, disease and destruction, in countless forms, are waiting at the door. What shall we use as a lock against these? When you "secure" something against someone else, you are alienating that someone, creating an enemy without realizing that you and he are one in truth!

      Is it difficult to see that love is the only source of unfailing security?  Love is oneness. Love is the total negation of the "me" (selfishness). Love does not exercise control nor impose its authority. Love is freedom — but this freedom is the freedom of the spirit — which asserts this freedom in humility, unselfishness and pure love — not in revolts, revolutions and violence.

      This love is God. When this love results there will be perfect security without anyone imposing it. This is the peace that passeth understanding.

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