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Coming 3rd Quarter of 2019:
ALL NEW Version of our SwamiVenkatesananda.org site 
New photo galleries 
New audio talks
New Video: The Yoga Vasistha Video Series 

Added 2018
Devi Mahatmym Complete in Four Parts
(see audio library) 

Fixed misdirected links for: 
 Audio Library, Yasodara Talks, Karma Yoga:
#4-01 Karma Yoga Talk 3 Part 1 Inner & Outer Experience - Mechanisms of Karma.mp3
#4-02 Karma Yoga Talk 3 Part 2 Inner & Outer Experience - Mechanisms of Karma.mp3
#12-02 Karma Yoga Talk 7 (7am) Part 2 The Classifications of Action.mp3

Added: Dec 30, 2017
A new nine part audio series entitled Mysticism, The 1981 Perth Lecture Series 
has been added to the web site. Swami Venkatesananda re-defines "mysticism"
in yogic terms. Robert Becker of the Chiltern Yoga Trust sums up the series 
appropriately with his recent comments: "Beautiful, sublime, subtle, profound,
incisive, uncompromising, honest, raw, confronting, powerful, a gift." 
This series has been uploaded in its entirty on its own page in the Audio Library.
Highly recommended. Mysticism, The 1981 Perth Talks

(Fixed the links for Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Recitation of The Bhagavad Gita)

Newly Discovered! Added: Oct 18, 2017:
Astanga Yoga Part 1: The First Five Limbs
Location Unknown, 01-26-74)

Newly Discovered! Added: Oct 18, 2017:
Gita Talk: On Krishna's Final Teaching
(Location Unknown, 04-29-74)

Newly Discovered! Added: Sept 29, 2017:
Investigation & Realization
(Western Australia, 04-04-1981)

Added: Sept 22, 2017:
Inquiry Is Not Thought
(Western Australia, 04-08-1981

Added: Sept 21, 2017:
No Attachment, No Possession
(Western Australia: 1980, specific date unknown)

Added: Sept 16, 2017:
Difference Between Inquiry & Doubt In Regards To Vichara
(Western Australia: May 22, 1980)