What's New

     SwamiVenkatesananda.org's New Server!
     The entire site has been moved to a new server. Along with this new location, all our audio has been hosted on a SSD solid State hard drive, to provide faster response time in streaming. 

     New Format for Daily Readings
     Daily contemplation along with meditation was, for Swami Venkatesananda, a vital component of yoga practice. He regarded keeping company with a yogi or sage a vital component, and if no sage could found, he suggested that it was at least useful to spend some time each day in contemplation with like minded people, and while doing so, reading aloud a daily passage from an important spiritual text.  It seems fitting therefore, to increase the number of readings, and  so  we are increasing the daily readings section, adding the complete daily readings of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God), along with more from Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 and also Volume 2 (better known as Insights and Inspirations).  Other readings from such texts as The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and The Kingly Secret will eventually be added  to the mix. Revisit this "What's New" section to learn when more has been added.

     Additions to Audio Library.
    Along with the new audio streaming features, we will begin to introduce more audio lectures given by Swami Venkatesananda. Please check back with this What's New section to find announcements regarding newly posted lectures on yoga by Swami Venkatesananda. The first addtions to the audio library are

       added: June 25, 2016:
        Enlightened Mind Part 1
        Enlightened Mind Part 2 
        (Western Australia: May 25, 1980)

       added July 1st, 2016:
        Kriya, Pranayama, Suspension Of The Breath, Suspension Of The Vritti
        (Western Australia: May 26, 1980)

       added July 2nd, 2016:
Japa - Inner Ear, Inner Voice
        (Western Australia: May 29, 1980)

       added July 2nd, 2016
Thought Itself Is The Divider
         The difficulties & pitfalls inherent in all spiritual methods.
        (Western Australia: June 02, 1980)

       added July 7th, 2016
        Path of Yoga: Insight,
        Shining (Of The Inner) Light On The Dynamics of Experience      
        (Western Australia: June 09, 1980)

      added July 10th, 2016
       Q&A Discussion, Memory & Conditioning:
       The Assimilation of Experience & The Difficulty of Reconditioning
       (Western Australia: June 10, 1980)

      added July 15th, 2016
        Fundamentals That Are Key To The Upanishads (Minus The Fundamentalisms)
        (Western Australia: June 13, 1980)

      added July 18: 
       Essence of (Spiritual) Communication
       (Western Australia: June 14, 1980)
      added July 19:
       Tantra: The Experience of Non-Duality
       (Western Australia: June 16, 1980)
      added July 19:
       Death Of The Body - When The Body Comes To An End, What Dies?
       (Western Australia: June 17, 1980)

      added July 19:
       Limiting & Limited Role of The Buddhi & The Elimination of Its Influcence
       (Western Australia: June 18, 1980)
      added July 19:
       Love Of The Guru & The Beginning of Total Unselfishness
        (Western Australia: June 19, 1980)

      In addition to the above a few talks that were either lost or misplaced
      from May of 1980 will be added in early August. We regret having to
      post any talks out of sequence, however, it's better than posting them
      at all.  After posting them, we will start posting the talks given in 1981.