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Venkatesa Daily Readings - It Is The Awakened Intelligence That Seeks

September 13, 2017

 It''s The Awakened Intelligence That Seeks

Swami Venkatesananda & Baba Ram Das    There is another beautiful saying from the ascetic Dattatreya: "It is not enough to have one Guru." I am sure that many of you who, have followed the teaching of most of the present day masters, are a bit disturbed by this, because we have been told that one should tenaciously adhere to one Guru, that one should not even look at another. But here it says that that is not enough, and that each great master reveals a facet of this truth. Therefore, one who seeks enlightenment or freedom from limitation must expose himself to these different facets, to the teachings of different Masters, different Gurus, so that there is a comprehensive understanding of this truth.

     It is immediately clear that one who thus exposes himself to several masters is freed from one of the greatest scourges we find among ourselves - criticism. "My guru is superior to yours." I am immediately freed from this wasteful pastime of running other people down. If that can happen to us, it is already a great gain. I am devoted to several teachers and therefore, in my own mind, in my own heart, nothing critical of any of them arises.

     Is it possible for us to be confused, to be lead in different directions? Impossible. Why is it so? Because there is an inner awakening, and it is the awakened intelligence that seeks this instruction and knowledge.

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