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Venkatesa Daily Readings - Dropping The Business of Doing

December 3, 2019

Dropping The Business of Doing

     If you scratch my back, I purr, and if you squeeze my tail, I jump on you. It doesn't seem to make any sense at all.  One who is intent on discovering his identity does not react, and the problem does not arise in his heart: "Must I conform? Or, must I non-conform?"  This i feel is urgently needed, not only on the part of the young people, but even on the part of the older generation. Why must I feel that is too late to change now? Why must I be shy - ashamed of confessing that I have been wrong? That I have messed up my own and other people's lives?

    I must drop this business of doing. Whatever be my chronological age, if I have not started on the quest of self-discovery, I am an unborn baby. If I don't know what I am, how do I know I exist? It is when we commence this quest of of self-knowledge, that we are really and truly born, otherwise we exist as this table exists, but slightly worse, because this table doesn't need food three times a day.

    It is in this discovery of one's own identity that I feel that yoga can help us tremendously. There are no dogmas in yoga. Write the word "dogma" and reverse it "am God." Eventually yoga leads us to the discovery of this truth "am God," not "I am God."  There is no 'I" there.

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