Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

From Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Short Story Continued

February 11, 2019

Short Story Continued 

     Two people were watching this game, one a modern gentleman, and the other, a religious person. The religious person said, “What a noble character, a saint! The scorpion stung him twice and he still saved its life.” The modern gentleman said, “Silly fool, serves him right. It stung him twice and still he did not get the message. Why save a vicious creature like that?”

     The good man, having listened to both comments, got out of the water looked at both of them, and said, “I am neither a saint, nor a fool. I am just what I am. There is no enmity between the scorpion and me. The scorpion did not sting me because I am an enemy, it only expressed its own nature. It had no intention of harming me. It expressed its nature and so did I. Nothing more. So I neither deserve your condemnation, nor your praise.”

     From a pot of honey you can only get honey. When someone's nature has been transformed into goodness, then nothing but good can come from that person. He does not calculate ...  he does not react.  All his actions are good.

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