Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Continuity

September 15, 2022


     There is a continuity of human-ness in this world and yet there is no continuity concerning wisdom or foolishness. If you are a wise man, your son may not be a wise man, or if you are a fool, your son may not be such a fool. In the case of some of us who may not have children in the ordinary physical sense of the term, we leave behind an idea, I thought, an inspiration, a teaching, a message, a memory - these being in no way inferior or superior to the biological babies. There is a continuity of the spirit and yet continuous change. The continuity itself is a continuous change, or the change is continuous and therefore there is a continuity.

     One really really and sincerely pray, we see the whole life in a completely different light - that there is a immortality without any metaphysical connotation. And then births, deaths, old age, pain and what is called suffering are all seen as part of the ever-flowing stream, ever-changing and yet never changing. All our prayer is meant to awaken ourselves to this truth.

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